Thursday, January 19, 2012

This girl needs more Jesus!

So the FedEx guy comes to my door, knocks...and from my vantage point behind the blinds, I can see that he STAYS ON MY PORCH! 

The following is the conversation that I had...with my head!

Me: Why isn't he leaving
Me:  I don't know!  He usually drops the box and books it back to the truck
Me:  Should we answer?
Me:  Well, he's still there.
Me:  Should we put a bra on?
Me:  Look at what we're wearing!  Do you really think adding the uni-boober* is gonna help? Besides, its not like its the UPS guy!
Me:  You've got a point...

So we opened the door and the FedEx guy hands me a package and leaves.  No signature.  "Here ya go!" and off he went.

Me and Me (at the same time):  That was weird.

So we took the package to the kitchen and opened it to reveal this:


Before you ask, no.  I did not purchase this.  I called my family and they all deny the gift.  There was no information in the box, other than a paper that had my name on it.  

Its a puzzle....who sent it?  Who thought, "This girl needs more Jesus!" and went to to purchase this book for me?

*uni-boober-  a sports bra that, when worn, gives the boobage area the illusion of being ONE long, horizontal boob.

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